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2018 Bunny Ball Host

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Tony Dorgan is currently the President and Co-Founder of TurnKey Media Productions, and President/Co-Founder of Increase Clean Energy, Inc.  Tony has a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success throughout his career in many areas of Military, Leadership, Training, Sales, Home Improvement Sales, Marketing/Branding, Business Development and Networking.

Currently Tony advises leadership, develops, recruits, and trains within the Elite Home Improvement industry.  Under Tony’s dynamic leadership his sales organizations have accomplished over $17M in sales in the past 5 years and his companies will close $10M in 2018.  Tony is highly efficient in the training of sales of direct B2C residential, B2B commercial sales, and B2GC of most energy efficient services offered.

From 2011-2013 Prior to his role as President of TurnKey Media Production and Increase Clean Energy, Tony operated as a mobile engagement strategist and social media consultant for several multi-million dollar companies. Tony core specialty was to engage with vast sales teams and clientele through a variety of tools such as text marketing, mobile websites and several social media platforms. He was able to connect thousands of people with correct up-to-date information needed to stay in tune with the “here” and “now” of their companies.

Tony is a US Marine Corps Veteran (3 back-to-back combat tours), sales and marketing ninja, battle-tested leader. From 2002-2012 During his 10-year stint in the Marine Corps, Tony consistently excelled reaching top qualifications in each position he held. He reached the top qualification of Master Training Specialist leading over 500 students to graduate from Military Occupational Specialty School and arrive trained and ready for the fleet.