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Natalia 428

Natalia 428

Vicce 6.2 

Vicce 6.2 



Based in Palm Springs, California, DiMora Motorcar excels in providing distinctive, limited-edition transportation solutions. The DiMora Neoclassics series of luxury automobiles includes the Vicci 6.2, now in production, and the Adina, now in the prototype phase. Sir Alfred J. DiMora co-founded the Sceptre Motorcar Company, whose Sceptre 6.6S received Best-of-Show honors at the 1978 Los Angeles Auto Show. DiMora also founded the new Clenet Coachworks, Inc. in the 1980’s to continue designing and building the Clenet series of automobiles. When President Reagan declared 1986 the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile, DiMora's Clenet was selected as the Official Centennial Car, resulting in honors for DiMora and the Clenet at the Automobile Hall of Fame in Michigan. Please visit www.dimoramotorcar.com or www.clenetclub.com. Complete specifications for the Vicci 6.2 Convertible may be found at www.dimoramotorcar.com/viccispecs.html.

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• (50) Admission Tickets with (100) Drink Tickets
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ZERO TO 60 DESIGNS - Automotive & Architectural Design House

Zero to 60 Designs is set to be one of America’s most creative automotive and architectural design houses. Breaking free from the mold, Zero to 60 Designs will not only focus on specific custom builds, but will also serve as an incubator for automotive OEMS as well. The foundation for the business will also reach outside of automotive applying Kenny Pfitzer’s creative energy towards builds that are architectural in nature. The mantra at Zero to 60 Designs: Tell us what you want built and we will not only build it, but we’ll build it faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Zero to 60 Designs fabricated the 7ft black tie bunny at The Bunny Ball as a sample of there work. For all your fabrication needs from vehicles, events, filming, and props, contact Zero to 60 Designs by visiting ZeroTo60Designs.com.


We specialize in helping our clients create the best possible atmosphere and experience at their events. Full service sound, staging, rigging, lighting, special effects, decor, power distribution and more.  Most importantly, is our mission to contribute and celebrate life with others. 


KARMA INTERNATIONAL - A Private Social Organization.

An exclusive organization for entrepreneurs and executives to network socially and professionally.  Karma Members are philanthropists, business owners, leaders, adventurers, experts and connoisseurs living and working in dozens of countries around the world.

Karma is revered as one of the greatest experiential event producers in history.  National Geographic, HGTV, Fox News, Associated Press, Fashion TV and dozens of other media outlets have established Karma as the industry leader.

VIP Pedicab is one of the most dynamic outdoor media companies in the country. We’ve worked with high-profile clients like ABC, FOX, HP, HBO, Showtime and many others, helping them build their brands and engage their audience like never before. Leveraging our extensive experience – and your unique needs – our team can develop an eye-popping marketing campaign that demands the attention of your audience – while providing environmentally friendly transportation and scenic tours.

With our own in-house printer and graphics team, we make your vision a reality while reducing costs and eliminating any pricey middlemen. We’ll craft the ad you want, when you want it, never taking shortcuts or altering details along the way. It’s one-part mobile billboard, one-part creative expression, one-part safe and efficient pedicab service, and 100 percent geared toward real results for your business. Contact us today to see how we take your company on the road, turning heads and capturing the public’s attention throughout downtown San Diego. Visit us at VIPOutdoorMedia.com.

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• (20) General Admission Tickets
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KRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS - Event Photography & Videography

Krystal Productions is committed to you, to capturing the heart and spirit of your story, your message, your events and your special moments for remembrance and reflection.

Life is a kaleidoscope of events and phases. It is a collection of many special moments, occasions, stories, and feelings. The possibilities and opportunities for the powerful use of videos and photographs are unlimited. Krystal Productions has the passion and skills to help you tell your story whether it's a wedding, graduation, special occasion, or commercial for your business.. We collaborate with our clients. You are the unique story. We are the discreet producers.

VET TV - A Streaming TV Network Using Dark Humor to Help Post 9/11 Veterans

VET Tv is a hybrid of Comedy Central, the Military Channel, and HBO, in an app that functions exactly like HULU. You can see how the app functions by going to http://veterantv.tv. VET Tv is dedicated to programs and events that bring veterans together, using humor to help heal the mental wounds of war that often leave vets depressed and contemplating suicide.

Veterans use different ways to cope. In the face of tragedy, a veteran is more likely to use humor and camaraderie as a coping mechanism than anything else. That’s why with our new shows, we’re giving them a chance to laugh about their experiences. It will be raw, gritty, offensive, and controversial, but it’s a sort of dark humor only a veteran and their family members will appreciate,” says Donny O’Malley, a veteran, and President & Founder of VET Tv.

VET Tv is foregoing investor funding “to keep the purity of our content,” according to O’Malley and instead is using crowdfunding to fund the creation of the network and the first season of at least two shows. The crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter October 11, 2016 to help provide this much-needed program to veterans and their families. The goal is to raise $250,000 dollars, and they’ve raised $122,000 so far.

“We’re excited to create a network full of shows about military life that accurately depict the good, the bad, the ugly, and with our sense of humor. There’s nothing else like this out there,” says O’Malley. For more information, visit http://launchveterantv.com

CAPITAL CREST FINANCIAL GROUP - Life Insurance Premium Financing

Capital Crest Financial Group was founded by a group of experience professionals in an effort to bridge the gap between clients and advisors in the advanced financial planning market and most pointed - life insurance premium financing space. Capital Crest Financial Group is made up of seven key members - three insurance agents specializing in various fields, two CPAs, one financial advisor, and on operations manager. Capital Crest Financial Group educates advisors on the various areas and applications of premium finance nationwide. Our strength comes not only from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, but also from our vast network of advisory partners - including estate planning firms, financial analysts, and insurance organizations. Our goal is to provide a sustainable, long -term model and to simplify premium finance into an easily understandable concept so our clients and advisors can make an educated and informed decision. Visit our website to learn more about our services at http://www.capitalcrestfinancialgroup.com/advisors/our-services/


RIO NASTY is a fashion forward business, specializing in laid back and luxurious swimwear & fitness inspired by exotic Brazilian colors and global travel. Visit RioNasty.com

LEE SHAPRUT - Luxury Real Estate Sales

If you are looking for an agent who has excellent skills in finding your perfect dream home, look no further. Lee Shaprut takes pride in providing new home living without sacrificing quality. He assists his clients every step of the way, from selling to purchasing, as well as after you have moved into your new home. The excitement of owning your own dream house should not end when you walk out of open houses, it is about getting your desired home in the community you love.

Establish price. Realize time frame. Lee Shaprut will put you in the best position for marketing your property. I want you to be at ease with your decision and come out on the top of the bargain. Visit LeeShaprut.com