The Hosts are San Diego's leaders in their industry and honored at The Bunny Ball. Get to know each host a little more by reading their bios below. 

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 Cruise 4 Kids, CEO                              BN Green Technologies, Partner 

Nino Venturella has a passion for organizing niche philanthropic events which led him to create the non-profit Cruise 4 Kids (C4K). C4K’s mission is to raise money through their charity events to support and fund other kids and youth organizations on a local, state, federal, and global level. C4K is truly a non-profit meaning that the officers do not take a salary and dedicate their time and resources for free. C4K produces The Teddy Ball,The Bunny Ball, and Cruise 4 Kids Sports & Exotic Car Rally. 

"We don't put on just any event, it's an experience. We want to help promote and bring awareness to other non-profits in the community that may not have the resources or ability to organize niche events."

As long time San Diego resident, Nino has built a large network of business relationships over his 15+ years in the wealth management and mortgage industry. He has leveraged those relationships to build his company BN Green TechnologiesBN Green Technologies provides access to cutting edge green waste disposal equipment and services to businesses who want to save money, minimize their environmental impact, and ensure regulatory compliance. Their equipment and services include disposal systems for food waste, sharps and medical waste, and pharmaceutical waste. By reducing waste by up to 95%, businesses minimize the need for off-site transportation of waste, eliminate labor costs for record keeping and packaging programs, and gives businesses the competitive distinction that they are "Going Green!"

Karma International, Executive Vice President

Marvin Epstein is an accomplished serial entrepreneur. As the founder and president of the private equity firm I.A.T. Capital, his areas of success include sports, entertainment, film financing, and new media technology. In 2005, Marvin became a principal and partner of Karma. He has created a platform of services and strategic partners for the member-only organization, including the development of numerous charity, hospitality and media relationships. Marvin has raised awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of deserving non-profit organizations. As a board member of several charities and an experienced public speaker, his goal is to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and future leaders about unique and effective business strategies that will benefit charities while improving the lives of others. His passion is to positively impact the world and lay the groundwork for a better overall environment.

SOS Entertainment, CEO

Derek Sage is the current owner of several businesses including SOS Entertainment, Fundamentals Event Academy and Global Impact Youth Leadership Initiatives.   His businesses have locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose.   Acting in various leadership positions in these companies, Derek oversees 20+ full-time employees and over 50+ part time team members.   SOS Entertainment has won various awards such as “Business of the Year”, “Entrepreneurial Business of the Year” and more.   Derek has donated over $750,000 in cash or services through his businesses to non-profit and charity sectors.   Derek speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and is a frequent visitor to China and Taiwan for business endeavors and travel.

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